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💡 At CTL, we’re ‘Paving the Way for Innovative Teaching & Learning’ and nurturing an environment ripe for professional growth and collective intelligence. Our vision? To become a catalyst, leading institutional strategies for faculty development, and promoting a growth mindset. Our goal is to support AUI’s commitment to providing innovative learning experiences that meet Gen Z’s expectations and contribute to their self-fulfillment, well-being, and success.

📚 We’re on a mission to offer opportunities for innovation in teaching and learning, aligned with AUI’s strategic plan. Our services and activities follow international quality assurance standards and best practices in areas including:

  1. Faculty Readiness: Professional development workshops, onboarding programs, international certifications, and knowledge-sharing experiences.
  2. Technological Readiness: Learning applications, platforms, and technologies.
  3. Quality Assurance: Effective data management, reporting, and decision-making.
  4. Online Course and Program Development: Digital resources development, educational video recording, and multimedia production.

🌐 Our services range from faculty development workshops on innovative teaching and learning methods, online course design, faculty convocation programs, to support teaching and learning technologies.

🔬 The CTL strives to foster innovation in teaching and learning, supporting various models and technologies (hybrid/hyflex, flipped learning, fully online synchronous/asynchronous, etc.). We’re excited to partner with faculty members in online course development, offering our expertise and resources.

🎥 As part of our renovation project, we’re expanding our studio that specializes in academic and research-based video and audio production services. We’re also adding two Green Screen Studios and a high-tech, Hybrid Flexible, and collaborative active learning workspace for the AUI community.

🙌 Our dedicated team, including Project Managers Mouna Kettani & Meryem Benslimane, Education Technology Supervisor Abdelhadi El-Hamdi, Instructional Design Engineer Soufiane Lahmine, and Faculty Development Assistant Nur Amira Pitdin, is here to support your innovative journey.

Join us at CTL and let’s innovate together in shaping the future of education!