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📅 Today, we’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on an exciting new potential partnership in educational technology. This venture involves the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) of AUI, the digital publishing company Leanova, and the pioneering i3-Technologies.

🤝 June 23, 2023, marked an important milestone as representatives from each organization gathered to sow the seeds of this promising partnership. From AUI, we had Karim Moustaghfir (AVP for 21st Century Learning Innovation & Faculty Development), Hamid Harroud (ITS Director), and members of the CTL Team, namely Soufiane Lahmine, Abdelhadi El-Hamdi, Nur Amira Maulad Pitdin, and Meryem Benslimane. Leanova’s delegation was represented by Khaled Hamade, Farid Hamade, and Wissam Elfayad acting also on behalf of i3-Technologies.

📚 Leanova, based in Montpellier, France, has long been recognized for its commitment to democratizing access to information and study materials. Their robust digital publishing ecosystem, compatible across all major operating systems, has been instrumental in shattering geographical barriers. From dedicated communication apps to the bespoke kiosk system mirroring their client’s brand image, Leanova’s comprehensive solutions have won them an esteemed clientele which includes but is not limited to CA, Banque Pop, Montp Metro, midilibre, Altrad, FSU, Horiba, inwi, Logo-village-by-CA-Centre-Est, Harmattan, Bien ici, Sedrap, and Mont rugby.

🖥️ On the other hand, i3-Technologies, with a legacy dating back to 1968, is renowned worldwide for their interactive display technologies designed for both business and educational environments. Rooted in the Vanerum Group, i3-Technologies expanded its offerings in 2009 to include audio-visual and interactive products, thus marking the genesis of a new epoch in the firm’s trajectory. Now operating in over 90 countries, i3-Technologies not only boasts cutting-edge products such as the i3TOUCH but also maintains an unwavering commitment to fostering next-generation interactivity.

🌍 Together, AUI, Leanova, and i3-Technologies are committed to bringing synergies and to building a partnership in the field of digital publishing, interactive display technologies, and progressive educational strategies. As we step into this new EdTech collaboration, we anticipate a future where technology, pedagogy, and innovation converge to deliver a richer, more engaging learning experience.

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