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Dr. Karim Moustaghfir

AVP - 21st Century Learning Innovation & Faculty Development

Abdelhadi El-Hamdi

Education Technology Supervisor

Abdelhadi El-Hamdi is an Education Technology Supervisor at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI). Since 2011, he has guided and assisted faculty members, students and staff in the integration and use of new Technologies in their teaching and learning processes through group training sessions and individual support.

In parallel, Abdelhadi has held several involvements, such as AUI-Resource Person (référent (Fr)) of Maroc Université Numérique (MUN)-National Project, Administrative & Financial Assistant of USAID Reading for Success, a National Program for Reading Project. He has also worked as a Project Manager of AUI MOOC course as part of the MUN National Project.

He had participated in several national and international engagements and projects related to digital learning and transformation of education in which he worked on the conception, delivery and assessment of face-to-face workshops/training on multimedia and ICT integration. Abdelhadi served also as online tutor for online courses and programs.

Abdelhadi has been always a key person in the organizing comities of several international conferences and events, as well as a leader within CITI (NGO).
Abdelhadi earns a Master’s Degree in Adults’ Training Engineering, with focus on the integration of ICT in lifelong learning from Lille 1 University, France, and a Bachelor (Licence) in “Multimedia and Web Technologies” from the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Settat, Morocco.

Abdelhadi’s academic and professional backgrounds have allowed him to acquire several skills in training projects management (face-to-face training, e-learning, hybrid & blended learning, MOOC …), training program design and need-assessment, conception of various multimedia resources, implementation and evaluation of training plans and activities.

Furthermore, Abdelhadi has a solid knowledge of audiovisual equipment and post- production work. He is highly skilled at analyzing and determining needs for online learning materials, audio-video and multimedia resources.
The course administration in educational platforms (Moodle, OpenEdx, Jenzabar LMS) has led him to collaborate with IT teams and to develop skills in application and system administration.

In 2017, Abdelhadi published a book in hybrid training « La Formation à Distance pour l’Amélioration de la Formation Continue » (Éditions Universitaires Européennes, April 2017)

Soufiane Lahmine

Lead Instructional Designer

As a highly experienced Digital Learning Expert, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My journey started in 2010 when I began freelancing in national and international R&D projects, working with universities, NGOs, and international organizations like the Korea International Cooperation Agency, ERASMUS+, NAVANTI group, FHI360, and more.

In 2012, I was awarded the valedictorian of the first-class multimedia instructional design “IPM” master of education (M.ed) in Morocco, which set me on the path to founding the first COP hub in educational innovative technologies through a mLearning blog in Morocco (My M.ed thesis). Within the same year, I was appointed as the Instructional Designer in the ITQANE (Improving Training for Quality Advancement in National Education) e-learning project. I prepared training modules for teachers.

My passion for education and technology led me to work with the agriculture sector in 2013, through the Enhancement of KariaNet network Program in Morocco E-learning: Web 2.0 as a tool for the exchange and sharing of information and promotion of agriculture and rural areas. Since then, I have been organizing an annual educational event called ICT Days in Education, bringing together teachers and practitioners from the MENA region and around the world to share innovative ideas about education.

In 2017, I faced a new challenge as an Educational IT engineer within the scope of the National Program of Reading-Reading for Success project by Creative Associates and funded by USAID. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my focus shifted towards Hy-flex & online innovative technologies, and I designed training and courses to help teachers and students navigate the new reality.

Since 2020, I have been enrolled in the evaluation era as a support center operator within Erasmus+ KA2 capacity building for higher education project, a program for education promotion. Additionally, I am volunteering as an IT consultant and vocational trainer for middle school teachers in disadvantaged areas in Morocco through the Global Alliance for Africa.

I am honored to have won 4th place in the international mobiMOOC contest for the best mobile learning project draft, which had the most impact on people living in challenging situations.

In 2023, I was appointed by the Europen Training Foundation (EU) as Community of Innovative Educators Ambassador of Morocco. Acting on education, training, and reforms.

As a lifelong learner, I am committed to implementing and facilitating quality education and supporting innovative ideas that improve education.