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The AUI Center for Learning Technologies in collaboration with the Wandida project initiated by the “Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne “- EPFL, organized a recording sessions for AUI faculty on Febraury 18/19, 2015.

The Wandida project proposes a pragmatic approach, consisting of a non-commercial bookstore, no password barrier, with direct access and no ads. The library consists of self-contained lessons tailored to the attitude of students seeking on the internet specific terms, in conjunction with the difficulty that they face. Specifically, while preparing an exam, a student will pick a series of key words describing the concepts he has not well assimilated or has forgotten. It will end up with a Wandida video with few minutes explaining this concept with chalk and blackboard format. After the training, some AUI faculty tested the Wandida concept and created few lessons.

The training was led by Mr. El Mahdi EL MHAMDI from EPFL-Wandida

The AUI faculty who contributed to the AUI-Wandida project are Dr. Cavalli Sforza, Dr. Khaldoune, Dr. Abid, Dr. Darhmaoui, Dr. El Boukili and Dr. Sheikh.

Link to Wandida project from here.