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Jenzabar Training sessions

By August 6, 2013January 21st, 2019Training

Jenzabar Learning Management System


CLT offered the following training sessions on the Jenzabar Learning Management System as well as introducing its new features.

Training Session: Introduction to Jenzabar LMS

Content: Personal Info, Main page, Attendance, Coursework, Collaboration, and Gradebook

Instructor: Mr. Abdelhadi El Hamdi, CLT Audio-Video manager

Date and Time of the training sessions:

  • Tuesday , August 27 at 9.30
  • Wednesday, August 28 at 15:00
  • Thursday, August 29 at 11:00

CLT studio, building4, 3rd floor

The participants should sign up for any of the proposed training sessions by sending an email to or just call: 2878

Note: If you’re unable to attend any of the proposed workshops,you may arrange for individual training with Mr. El Hamdi (ext. 2878, email: or

Do not hesitate to call us on 2878 or visit CLT (located in build. 4, 3rd floor) to arrange for any technical help you might need regarding Jenzabar LMS, content development for your courses, and/or your instructional technology projects for your teaching. CLT staff will be pleased to serve you.