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Populate Canvas Quizzes from a Text File

The Text-to-QTI Quiz Converter changes a plain text file to a QTI (Quiz and Test Interoperability) file format. QTI specifications enable the exchange of quiz content between authoring tools, test banks, test construction tools, learning platforms, assessment delivery systems, and scoring/analytics engines.

The file generated by the converter tool only works for import into Canvas. The alternative to using this converter/generator is to Create Your Quizzes and Add Questions Manually in Canvas (Link🔗) one by one.

Formatting Your Questions

This tool allows for Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Answer, and Essay. You can also create question groups (also known as question pools) using this tool.

STEP 1 | Open a word processor (Word, Docs, Notepad, etc.) or use one of our templates (Please check Support Resources – Left Menu- for Basic & Advanced templates)

STEP 2 | Add your questions. Making sure to format each question after a number and a period. Potential answer choices should be listed with a letter and closed parenthesis “)” and indicating the correct answer with an asterisk (*).

Sample Question

1. What is 2+3?

a) 6

b) 1

*c) 5

Sample Question

1. 2+3 is 5?

*a) True

b) False

Sample Question

1. Which of the following are dinosaurs?

[ ] Woolly mammoth

[*] Tyrannosaurus rex

[*] Triceratops

[ ] Smilodon fatalis

Sample Question

1. Write an essay.


STEP 3 | Save your file as a plain text file (.txt) or even better, a UTF-8 text file.

Converting Your File to a QTI Zip Package

STEP 1 | Open any Text-to-QTI Quiz Converter: Text to QTI Converter provided by SDSU (Link🔗) Or Text to QTI Converter provided by NYIT (Link🔗)

STEP 2 | Drag and drop your .txt file into the blue square

NOTE: If you get a formatting error message, it is referring to a line in your file, open your file and inspect the formatting on that line. Here are examples of correct formatting (Link🔗).

STEP 3 | If your file is successful, it will automatically download or prompt you to save the file.

STEP 4 | Do not unzip or open the download.

Upload Your Quiz to Canvas

STEP 1 | Go to the Canvas course in which you want to add the quiz.

STEP 2 | From the menu on the Course Home Page select “Import Existing Content” or go into Course Settings then click “Import Course Content” QTI import to Canvas (Link🔗)

STEP 3 | Select “QTI .zip file” from the Content Type dropdown menu

STEP 4 | Click on “Choose File”, locate the .ZIP file and click the zipped file that was generated by the converter tool

STEP 5 | Click “Import.” The status will probably appear under “Current Jobs” after upload.

STEP 6 | A quiz and a question bank will be created from the file you just uploaded and can be found in Quizzes. You should always preview the quiz before releasing to students.