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Turnitin workshops

By Drs. Nancy Hottel and Brian Seilstad

Nancy Hottel and Brian Seilstad will be presenting workshops on MW and F on, AUI’s plagiarism-prevention service and Reading Originality Reports.  The workshops have been scheduled as below primarily to accommodate new faculty and those who must use the system immediately, but any AUI faculty member is welcome to join.

All workshops will be held in the Center for Learning Technologies (Building 4, 3rd floor–access by spiral staircase).


Workshops on Monday, September, 3rd from 5-6pm  and Friday, September 7th from 4-5 pm will focus new users on how to get set up for classes and assignments. Those who plan to attend should try to get set up with a password before the session begins–come early to the workshop if you need help.(New faculty will have received today an email from turnitin with a temporary password to access the system and should try to do so if possible before the workshop; this password is time-sensitive and needs to be used within 24 hours . Returning AUI faculty just need to log in using their AUI email addresses and changing their passwords if they haven’t ever used the system.)

The workshop on Wednesday, September 5th from 5-6pm will cover how to use to assess and evaluate student work using’s Quickmarks, Written and Voice Comments, and Rubrics.

Also at these workshops we’ll be able to answer any general questions you have about

If you would like the information involved but can’t come to the workshop you would like to attend, contact either presenter at to see about getting the materials or attending a make-up session.

Finally, workshops will be held in future weeks on reading originality reports and on getting the most out of the system. watch for announcements about these more advanced workshops in the coming days


Reading Originality Reports: The Basics

Now that you have set up classes and are starting to get work in from students, how do you read all the rainbow-colored reports the system will be generating? What do the colors mean? What percentage of duplication is “acceptable”  and when? What might  set off an alarm bell? When will you call a student in for plagiarizing? What can be verified and what cannot?

Examples papers will be presented for consideration, and we will explore together the several-layered originality report that accompanies most reports. (If you have a paper you want us to consider,send it to  before Monday, Sept. 10 at noon) We will also cover how you can set up assignments from the beginning  so that  the originality reports  become simpler to read.

Note: This workshop will not cover how to set up classes and use the system in general: workshops on this aspect of turnitin are being held this week , with the final workshop on Friday, Sept; 7 at 4 pm in CLT.

Please also note that a future workshops will cover experienced users’ advice on course management, student subterfuge of the system and how to get around  it, making online grading easy ,and other on-the-ground issues in turnitin use.

Many thanks to Nancy and Brian for the initiative.