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Interactive whiteboards


CLT is pleased to announce four new training sessions on the Interactive whiteboard Starboard FX-TRIO-77 made by Hitachi. AUI acquired two of these boards for preliminary testing and integration study before generalization to most AUI classes. These are installed in classrooms 5/107, 8/ASAS, and 11/08. Here’s a small demo about these interactive boards:



Date and time of this training: Friday September 06 and Monday September 09 from 09:00 to 09:50 am

Place: building 5, room 107

Content of this training:  You will have the opportunity to learn how to manage and work with the FX-TRIO interactive whiteboard and to explore different possibilities offered with the new technology solution.

Description of the Interactive whitboards: The FX-TRIO interactive whiteboard is a multi-touch surface. You could use your finger, stylus or electronic pen to annotate on the whiteboard and easily navigate through computer applications, websites and multi-media content. Up to three users can operate the board and perform the same task simultaneously. Moreover the hard electronic-free surface of the FX-TRIO makes it almost unbreakable and usable as a dry-wipe whiteboard.  More about these interactive boards could be found here:

Note: individual training could be arranged at different times upon request.